Sunday, January 6, 2013

[XT910S/XT910K] Unbrick, Root, Up rom and fix errors

As you know, the state's brick 2 e machine has to spend less money to send to the HQ warranty by us KR Moto crazy not leak fastboot file of the two machines. After learning on XDA & Koxda of the China I had to figure out how to unbrick for 2 children. Today I would like for everyone to share the same CPR rescue baby is living in a state of healthy plants back to normal. The article has four parts: 1. Making and related issues 2. Unbrick Motorola XT910S / K 3. Up rom ICS Vietnamese & fix errors 4. Up International rom for XT910S / K also delicious healthy living., Part 1: How to do and the issues you should know - As you already know, Motorola is obnoxious when locked bootloader nearly all of the models of her. So our love is not lost boot as the bootloader you have to understand that in fact it's still there, we can not touch anything because it was locked, and the bootloader itself remains secure even when the machine died. Hehe, hopefully next time Moto will unlock bootloader whole of the Razr so he e much more to vóc. - When the XT910S machine or K up your rom mistake caused international conflict will be the lead software to crashes in fastboot with a black screen and the words AP fastboot (Flash failed) and this article will address the screen so you can use normal, or maybe a little above normal. - How do they say it is also not difficult to difficult, easy, normal is easy, if you understand the problem, which is difficult when you do not understand anything, we just delete the CID and flash rom international in our love is finished. - In the XT910 machine always has a hidden partition (I'm clearly not your Android vendors can not just talking about XT910 Cases offline) is CID partition, so CID What's this? Definition of CID, I also did not clarify that I understand your way, you want to understand than then google divine offline. - What is CID? CID stands for Identify Customer, roughly as I understand it is a number or series of numbers to authenticate your machine in the sale in any country or territory. - Deleting CID has meant What? Deleting DC CID means you have to save dc 90% of your love, what it means? I believe that if that is another article, then you so that follow, but if they do not talk as much, you do not understand the deletion of CID to do something nodules Delete CID as I understand is to remove the area used to authenticate the rom, kernel, baseband of countries and territories. Means that you do not need to care whether the rom is for the EU, Asia, Brazil or England ..... because during the flash or boot your machine will not check to see if the fastboot ROM that it belongs to the region again. But cause inadequate dc your machine can not boot normally again & Mass Storage dysfunction. This will be continued in part 2.,
Part 2: Unbrick a XT910S / K 2.1: Things to prepare - Tool erase the CID & Root ( Download ) - Firmware 4.0.4, you should use firmware Chinese Retail (Download )  1 USB Cable Factory . if you have Batteries Low, do not need this but if Low, you can not use the normal USB cable to flash but the factory USB cable to flash. The effect of this cable simply will not get the power from the battery that will use power directly from the USB port on your computer. - Make sure that your computer has installed the full driver & RSDLite. If you have not, you can download here: Drivers and RSDLITE
2.2: Let's Begin - First make sure you have installed the driver for your computer, and your computer newspaper Battery OK or use the USB Factory Cable if your machine you press the battery. - Bring your machine AP fastboot by Power + Volume UP + Volume Down - Then directory Erase CID & Root you have to download and extract, go to Delete CID run file run.bat => If your machine like this's success: Edit: To sum ​​up my opinion revised Tool, hours will 3 file. Bat vary. If you run be files Delete CID Boot 0A.74.bat , try to run 2 remaining files offline. Since this is your machine should be able to press a little different but if your first run but do not be, you can try adding again, not bad at all. That in general there is nothing that harms all, hehe - After delete CID means that you have successfully saved your machine up to 80% and the rest is simple. Flash the international rom machine. - After alarm CID: dead, you turn off the computer by holding the Power key. Then return the computer in AP fastboot as above and use RSDLite flash firmware Chinese just down above. Flash by RSDLite sure the you know the whole time, so I do not if doing okay. - After the firmware flash is complete 17 tasks of the Chinese, the machine will restart, and you will see the Motorola logo and white text types CustomerID Error at the top of the machine, so the machine has been removed CID should it bug so but do not have anything. You also do not need to consider what to do. Upon reboot your machine to keep 2 Volume UP + Volume Down key to go back to the mode of the bootloader, if you do not set up, then hold Power + Vol up + Vol Down to off and on again is okay. When the Boot Mode Selection Menu and then select the bottom part is the BP Tool to boot the machine. (As noted above, the to remove CID then you can not boot normally anymore to boot through BP Tool). - If your computer is the M logo and some halo blink blink, you can celebrate right there Note: in flash rom with RSDLite if the process your pc Flash Failed message means that your computer is not deleted CID. If so then to start offline., Part 3: Up rom ICS English and fix boot error + Mass Storage - this section I would like included in part because many of you like the rom English are encouraged always. - First you down rom for XT910 version AsiaRetail at this:

- After down you copy the update to the firmware flash memory card + Asia through similar Rsdlite with the Chinese on. After the complete boot with BP tool as above. 
- After flash has finished & on the main screen of the rom ICS Asia then it will report an update is available, you select Copy to copy to the temp folder in the memory machine for Flash to update offline. (Ah forgot to insert the memory card into the memory then it's new update offline). Then it will start to reboot, oke for you to reboot, remember that when restart still on BP Tool jog. After it flash the update, the computer will restart, continue to choose BP Tool to phone rom. Tired with the BP tool so that know how to dc. Not like tired, 1tr9 through the services of Vinhvumobile Hot Hot: Fix Boot + Mass Storage - After finished + flash update is done all then the best part then. Root + fix. As simple as knitting basket. Now that you have the rom, then you go to Settings -> Security -> Built-in Unknow Sources Next: In Settings -> Developers Options -> Built-in USB Debugging and Allow Mock Location to the folder then Delete CID & Root I was up on MF you down on the first the Root section there. On that run the file EasyRootICS_Windows.Bat. Now the machine will run and reboot 3 times, hard to BP Tool to 3 times more to go. Try that publication, hand pain at all and forever also used. - Root finished, you boot into the rom. Continue run the file EasyRootICS_Apps.Bat to install some apps needed. Once finished, your computer will have app SuperSU and App bootmenu - Section or to the right, your app bootmenu, select download bootmenu Package, after down, choose Install Hjihack. (After clicking on the Download Package bootmenu, you can be thrown out, but on the next FC and select Install normal Hjihack). After all, all the cell area were chosen area. As shown below: - Next: choose to 1st System tab will find the first two items are insecure adbd and Custom init're in the OFF state. Now you turn ON the second line.After ON then you try to shutdown and restart does not select BP Tool overlooked. Your computer will load 3s through the bootmenu boot screen and go straight to the lock screen. And the moment you plug your USB cable into. Oh dear it's getting more USB behold Please do not do (Note: When you have selected the Custom init, you will fix the computer does not recognize Mass Storage error due to loss of CID, and this option can be used with any rom also . in the wrong with the ROM MIUI 2.8.31 the error is that you select the Custom init at boot red lights begin to light up and shut down of the process used, but had no effect on but itchy eyes very hard subject, it is not clear why always. possible due to conflicts in the ROM, hopefully next MIUI ROM will fix no longer mistake classifieds - Edit: I know why MIUI rom red light throughout and then, only need to make an outgoing call it, to use ordinary, every time you restart the red light ):)
Part 4: Up the international rom for XT910S / K also delicious healthy living.
This is the final part of the article. And also a lot of you in the past pm, call to ask yourself. But its net post so that all the steps to do this are almost cited in 3 parts, so I'm really lazy. Hehe 
For Up International rom for XT910S / K alive this delectable two ways. I'll go into each way but do not always have to explain trc. 1: Up by Delete CID(high risk, not recommended to use) Since this high-risk ratio and also more complex I just talk through how to do, but do not go into, and I do not encourage you to do, but if you prefer vóc then do it. way to do the following order: Backup CID & CDROM Partittion in machine Razr XT910, storage out the memory card and your computer room during surgery memory card deleted lost. Next, you remove the CID and flash rom international version you want to use the instructions in Section 2 & 3 of the Post 1. international rom After flash is complete, root and Restore your CID is finished. 2: Flash rom by Custom Recovery (Safety, the success rate is almost 100% if you do it right, use ) As mentioned above, one is both an adventure, with a 2 is a completely safe and can be applied to all machines Razr XT910 from S / K to the international version fact want up rom other location. tracking you if that Motorola has locked bootloader us not interfere dc to direct flash custom recovery so much you have to spend money for you love traveling in HQ. So on XDA there are players have Mod Custom Recovery for Razr you can use to flash rom cook comfortably. Requirements: Machine Up to 4.0.4 and rooted (To up this way required the you have dc ICS through OTA then, to get the boot Kernel 3.0.8 and a new file) How: Razr 2 line tool to use Custom Recovery Safetrap and bootmenu, but in this article I will only use the bootmenu (The reason I would say later) After up OTA to ICS & finished to root you install bootmenu as the third part of the article offline. then you down rom format. zip that you want to flash and then go to the Reboot / Shutdown select Custom Recovery to boot into Custom Recovery flash rom zip you just downloaded. Note: After you flash rom memory in System Keeper Install bootmenu hijack. Then reboot is finished. Forget to remember to back up the old rom you are wrong (especially the original rom ICS offline) by going to the Custom Recovery select backup & restore => Actions backup after all, install hijack is to install that bootmenu always, that every time you up rom to use it, because if your machine not be deleted CID is also very convenient because as recovery boot can choose to always, sometimes in the course of using the software you installed may cause conflicts rom lead to bootloop not to be, they are still able to this to save, by the way when it is the last gear, the screen and choose Custom Recovery, then key 2 times as into Custom recovery tasks to Wipe, flash rom, etc ..... Some rom for Custom Recovery 1: Rom ICS Asia Retail: this rom up by themselves for their children and created by the Backup & restore in Custom I created using the Backup function in CR (Custom Recovery), after down on you extract to a directory, you copy the whole folder there in the memory card and then use the Restore function to restore. 2: Rom MIUI you can download here to have the latest version:Download Summary: After 4 servings wrote I would like to stop here, maybe in the article where I did not write clearly, speak directly that he hated ready meals and some almost write & steps, for details you should find out. Not every time up again to read the boring ................. A few words would, wish you happy with my Razr.